How To

A couple side notes before you apply your new lashes...

Our magnetic lashes only work with magnetic liner and our magic lashes only work with our magicbond liner. You can't interchange the them. One is magnetic the other is not.

You can cut the width of the lash to fit the width of your eye. Most lashes are designed to fit perfectly but if you prefer them a little shorter it is ok to trim them but be careful because you can't make them longer again!

Step 1: Apply Your Magnetic or MagicBond Liner Along the Lash Line as You Would Any Other Liner. For the Magnetic Liner, Let Dry for 2 Minutes. For the MagicBond Liner, You Only Need to Wait about 20 Seconds. 

 Step 2: Be sure that your liner extends along your entire eye line longer than the width of the lash to be sure the entire lash can adhere to the liner. Place your magnetic or magic lash onto the liner. You can press in into place gently if needed but it should set into place easily. 

 Step 3: Love Your New Vegan Lashes! That is all there is to it. You will be a pro in no time and each time will get a little bit easier. Our lashes should only take 1-2 minutes to apply and should hold all day through sweat, rain or sunshine!