What is the Difference between VeganLash magnetic and magic lashes?

It's simple. Our magnetic lashes have magnets attached to the band and our magic lashes do not. The lashes themselves are exactly the same. The only difference is the type of liner you use to apply them. You will use our magnetic liner with our magnetic lashes or our magic liner with our magic lashes. While our ingredient list is proprietary and can't be shared specifically, both liners include similar ingredients with the magnetic liner containing more of the iron powder that make the magnets work. Both are completely safe! Try them both and decide which one is best for you!

Are Vegan Lashes and Liners safe to use?

Yes! According to the EWG ingredient rating system, all of the ingredients we use in our products are safe to use. Every ingredient in our products are common ingredients found in cosmetics across the industry. The liners and lashes we use are actually safer than other glue based falsies. Some of the chemicals and toxins used in glues can cause allergic reaction or irritations. This happens in over 10% of cases with glue lashes while the ingredients and materials in our product reports less than 1%. If you are worried about any allergies or irritation feel free to apply a small amount of our magnetic or magic liner to the bottom of your forearm or wrist to test it out!

Is VEGANLASH truly Cruelty-Free?

100%! We believe in being beautiful inside and out. None of our ingredients, components or final products have been tested on animals. Other companies such as Sephora, MoxieLash and Glamnetic make this claim without living up to the standard. These companies use real mink fur in some of their products. Even if they claim this fur is sourced after it sheds from the animal, the living conditions that these animals are kept are far from humane. Although we don't advise this bc some images can be disturbing, you can google "mink farms" if you want to see for yourself.

Is VEGANLASH really a Vegan product?

Our name says it all! Our products are completely vegan. We do not use any animal ingredients, including animal derived ingredients or any type of animal byproduct. Veganism is a lifestyle, not just a practice when its convenient. Other companies that use mink fur are not vegan or cruelty free. Also beware of companies that use faux lashes made from silk as silk is still an animal byproduct. Sleep tight knowing we love animals and kindness just as much as you do!

Does the magnetic or magic liner come with the lashes?

It depends on the product but not all of our lashes come with the liner. We offer kits that contain both lashes with liner but we also sell each product separately. This way you can buy additional lashes without the expense of having to purchase multiple liners or purchase new liner for the collection of lashes you already own. 

How do I use VEGANLASH magnetic liner and lashes?

It is quite simple actually! All you have to do is give the liner a good shake, apply it to your lash line and let it dry for 2-3 minutes. You then choose any of our VeganLash lashes and place them onto the liner. Voila! Its the simplest and fastest way to get that perfect lash look within minutes and without all the mess!

Any tips to make the lash stick to the liner better?

First, make sure you have applied a thick, even coat of liner. This should be applied along your entire lash line to ensure that it spans the entire width of the lash band so all magnets or lash band have a chance to grip the liner. Second, make sure the liner is FULLY dried! This can take up to 3 minutes depending on the thickness of the coat you apply. If the liner is sticking to the magnet more than your eyelid you did not let it dry completely so this is important. Lastly, while you are waiting for your liner to dry make sure the lash magnets are free of any debris or remnants of old mascara. You can use makeup remover on a Q tip to rub away any old gunk.

How many times can I use my lashes?

With proper care you should be able to get up to 30 uses out of your magnetic lashes. Our magic lashes usually last up to 25. This means proper cleaning, care and storage. Although our lashes and liner are waterproof, its best to avoid getting any liquid on your lashes. Frequent or prolonged liquid exposure can cause your lashes to lose their shape. Make sure you let your magnetic liner dry completely before applying lashes to avoid buildup on the magnets and lash band. Keep your lash magnets and band clean between uses. When you are not using your lashes be sure to store them back in their original packaging for protection and shape retention. We know girls that have used their same lashes over 40 times! But lets admit we are not all OCD so even 20-30 uses will give you tremendous value. 

How do I remove magnetic or magic eyeliner?

The best way to remove your  liner is by using our Eyeliner Remover cotton swabs. These swaps are formulated specifically for this purpose and will help ensure the maximum care and life expectancy of your lashes. 

How do I know which VEGANLASH size and style will fit my eye?

Great question! Most of our lashes are designed to fit anyone. We offer several different sizes and styles to fit everyone's styles and needs. Take a look at our Lash Guide to compare styles. Our lashes also come with 5-6 magnets which means they can be trimmed down to fit any eye. Just make sure there are no raw or sharp edges after cutting. If you still have questions you can always reach out to us for any lash tips!

Can I wear mascara with my VEGANLASH magnetic lashes?

Yes but only if you do it right! Make sure you apply your mascara BEFORE you apply your  lashes. Be sure to let your mascara completely dry before you put on your lashes. Getting mascara on your lashes could ruin them. We recommend one of our more dramatic lash kits if you want a fuller and thicker look but if you really feel the need for mascara please follow our tips closely. 

How many uses can I get from my VEGANLASH liner?

We have seen a bottle of VEGANLASH magnetic or magic liner last 60-80 uses. This depends on how thick you prefer your liner and how you care for it. When not in use make sure it is tightly sealed and stored at room temperature. As with any liquid cosmetic it will eventually become more difficult to use. This is caused by exposure to air, extreme temperatures and bacteria from your facial region getting into the product. The normal shelf life you can expect after opening is 4-6 months. Keep your bottle securely tightened and be sure to shake well before each use.  

Can I wear other lash brands with VEGANLASH products?

Yes but why?! We offer the best lashes and liners using true vegan and cruelty free standards. But if you currently own other magnetic products they will work with our magnetic liner or lashes. 

What is in the magnetic and magic liner that makes it work?

VEGANLASH magnetic liners contain magnetic powder made from iron. This powder is rated a 2 for safety by EWG on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being the best score. Rest assured all of the ingredients in our products are completely safe and have been used for years in the cosmetic industry. Our magic liner contains similar ingredients with much less of the magnetic iron powder.

Are magnets dangerous to your eyes?

No. The optometrists we have heard from say there is no cause for concern using magnets near your eyes. It is even preferred over other fake lashes because of the absence of glue. Furthermore, magnets in general do not cause any disruption in your eye movement or vision.